From my earlier visual readings of Finnegans Wake I have occasionally made small, very limited edition artists’ books.  These have taken specific aspects and ideas from the text that I wanted to explore further through creative practice.  As mentioned elsewhere ‘Nightposts’, a small digitally printed scroll piece, concerns the notion of Shaun the Post walking backwards through the night.  ’Headwater’ is another scroll piece originating from ideas about the flow of consciousnesses through the book and how these merge and intermingle in the text, sometimes opaquely undifferentiated, sometimes suddenly delineated with a focus and clarity.  ’Recall the Rivering Waters’ is a spiral bound book of digitally printed images and text depicting the two washerwomen, their exchanges across the waters of the Liffey and gradual transformation into tree and stone. ‘Stick & Stone’ is a two volume double concertina book of block printed images on japanese paper.  It is essentially about the fissioning of HCE into the twins Shem and Shaun. Upon opening each volume the reader is prompted by the format (concertina pages opening to left and right) to move their hands apart in an exaggerated manner, miming a gesture of splitting apart - opening a space to be filled with images of the warring brothers.  

For further commentary about my bookworks in relation to Finnegans Wake please see ‘Reflecting The Wake’ article in ‘The blue Notebook’ Vol. 4, No. 2.  Peer reviewed journal on artists’ books, Wild Conversations Press.

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